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Grenoble INP
Our engineering & Master degrees

School of engineering in Physics, Applied Physics, Electronics & Materials

Our engineering & Master degrees

MaNuEn - Materials science for Nuclear Energy
EMINE - European Master in Nuclear Energy


The Master MaNuEn - Materials science for Nuclear Energy - and the Master EMINE - European Master in Nuclear Energy - are  international masters program for students willing to work in nuclear industry, R&D or research centers.

MaNuEn is two years master program designed to cover specificities of materials used in a nuclear environment from nuclear fuels to structural materials of nuclear reactors, with special focus on their durability under irradiation. The second year of the master MaNuEn is common with the Master of Science Innovation in Nuclear Energy - EMINE (first year at KTH in Sweden or UPC in Spain). It is also available to Phelma studens (from EPEE, GEN and SIM cursus) as a specific semester.


The fees are national fees (around 450 euros) plus participation fees (4000 euros per year except for Grenoble INP student in classical cursus).
  • Scholarship for international master EMINE : click here
  • Scholarship for master MaNuEn (Grenoble INP) : click here
  • Scolarship from campus France eiffel : click here

Key points are

  • Co-accreditation by INSTN
  • About 50% of  the courses are given by engineers
  • Privileged contact with engineers from R&D  EDF and CEA
  • Conferences on energetic issues
  • 5 weeks in-site course at EDF and CEA


Master MaNuEn is jointly organised the Academic institute INSTN and supported industrial partners :
  • EDF worldwilde leader in nuclear industry with its own institute  MAI Material Ageing Institute,
  • CEA  is the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energie  Commission.

Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN)
Industrial partners Academic partner

Phelma_MaNuEn_promo_CEA.jpg  Phelma MaNuEn promo EDF

Photos taken during stay at CEA and EDF


Grenoble INP - Phelma
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Written by Emilie Ferrie

Date of update November 17, 2017

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