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Our engineering & Master degrees

Materials science for nuclear engineering (MaNuEn) > Semester 2

The details of the course are given below
(ECTS credits and hours might change a little each year)
Semester 2 Courses ECTS hours
Applied materials
11  88
A3 : Plasticity and thermo mechanical treatment 5 40
A4: TP thermo mechanical treatment and constitutive law 5 40
A5 : Introduction to nuclear industry 1 8
Characterisation and modelling 11 77
C1 : Multiscale modelling 1.5 10
C2 : Finite Element project 3 24
C3 : Materials Characerisation 6.5 43

Written by Luc Salvo

Date of update February 3, 2017

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes
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