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Our engineering & Master degrees

School of engineering in Physics, Applied Physics, Electronics & Materials

Our engineering & Master degrees

Signal and Image Processing, Communication Systems, Multimedia (SICOM)

Admission Requirements

This program is open to students with the equivalent of a Baccalauréat + 3 years of undergraduate scientific studies (Licence). It is also open to exchange students from abroad.


Semester 3 Semester 4 Semester 5

Courses Taught in English: Some courses may be given in English in the future.

Information on Available Scholarships

Are you a foreign student with a Master level qualification wanting to study at one of the six engineering Schools of the Grenoble Institute of Technology ? You can find all the funding schemes available for you course in Grenoble on the Bourses en Accueil page of our website at Grenoble INP.

Master Thesis

The End of Studies Project (Projet de Fin d'Etudes, PFE) is a Signa video audio multimediavery important element in an engineer's training.  Students learn how to implement their theoretical and technical knowledge in real world industrial projects.  This requires them to understand how an enterprise operates, how to manage a project, deal with theoretical and practical problems, how to work in a team and how to best utilize knowledge and skills.
In general, students work on projects offered by the enterprise in the different domains associated with their training.  The duration of the project is generally 6 months.  Students are required to document their placement in a report and take a viva. This accounts for 30 ECTS credits.

Skills and Abilities

  • Understanding of the principles, techniques and mathematical tools involved in signal and information processing.
  • Development of the concepts, methods and tools required for measurement and instrumentation.
  • Development of computer tools.
  • The ability to model the physical processes involved in signal generation.
  • The ability to design complex processing systems (multidimensional, multicomponent, multimedia)
  • Development of signal processing algorithms involved in digital communications and image or voice processing.

Overview and Career Opportunities

The demand for engineers in this field is increasing due to the fact that signal and image processing, communication and multimedia technologies are heavily involved in many industrial sectors, such as information industries, telecommunications, the biomedical sector and the leisure industry. The objective of this Specialization is the training of high level engineers with expertise in signal processing, computers and electronics, capable of developing industrial projects in the relevant sectors.


You can also take your course within the International Masters program, FAME, Functional Advanced Materials Engineering, (scholarships available for European and on European students), with the support of the Erasmus Mundus program.

>>> Information available at FAME.

For those requiring additional information on all the sources of academic funding, contact the Service de Coopération et d'Actions Culturelle (Cultural action and cooperation service, CSAC) of the French Embassy in your country.

Written by Maxime Tran-To

Date of update March 8, 2017

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