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Our engineering & Master degrees

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Our engineering & Master degrees
Our engineering & Master degrees
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French Master degrees

To be eligible for such a master program, you must have completed:

  • Either a Bachelor of Science or equivalent
  • Or a 1st master year or equivalent
  • Or a master of science or equivalent

Candidates have to write a specific file which is reviewed by the admission committee.

There is no specific French requirement, but applicant should have sufficient French knowledge to understand courses (B2 level is recommended). However, in some countries, application must be done via French Embassy (Campus France) with specific French requirements demanded by the Embassy.

The length of studies in France is one or two years depending on the chosen master.

Micro & Nanotechnologies Master Physics

Master in Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies

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Nuclear Energy Master Physics

Master in Nuclear Engineering

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Information & Communication Technologies Master in Cognitives Sciences
Master Traitement du signal et des images

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Environnement Sustainable Development Master in Sciences and Materials Engineering

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Materials sciences
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Date of update January 18, 2019

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