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Our engineering & Master degrees

School of engineering in Physics, Applied Physics, Electronics & Materials

Our engineering & Master degrees
Our engineering & Master degrees

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The details of the course are given below
(ECTS credits and hours might change a little each year)
General Courses ECTS hours
Fundamentals in Materials Science
3 28
Fundamentals in Materials Sciences   28
Energy issues and reactors concepts
3 26
General approach to Energy issues
General operation of nuclear reactors   6
Generation IV   6
Materials for nuclear reactors 4 49
Reactor design   10
Materials selection methods   14
Materials used in nuclear reactors   12
Description and operation of NPP   6
Liquid metal technology : water and sodium   3.5
Choice of materials    6
Chemistry and radioanalysis   7.5
EDF activities on materials and structures   5.5
Material under irradiation 4 52
Irradiation ageing   12
Irradiation defects   8
Microstructures   16
Dislocations   16
Material ageing in a nuclear environment 7 50
Fracture mechanics   24
Fundamentals in corrosion
Nuclear Corrosion   8

Date of update February 3, 2017

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