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Les technologies de demain s'imaginent aujourd'hui
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Les technologies de demain s'imaginent aujourd'hui

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Phelma Graduation ceremony – Academic year 2017

Dear 2017 graduates, you are invited to participate to the Phelma graduation ceremony which will take place on Friday 23rd November from 1.15pm at the Grenoble INP Auditorium.


This ceremony concerns all the study programmes including the programmes shared with Ensimag and Ense3, the professional and the international programmes Nanotech and FAME.


(link available from the welcoming page of the Phelma website)



1.15 pm: Opening of the Auditorium doors and welcoming of graduates
2.00 pm: Welcoming speech by Anne Vilcot and speech from Frédéric BRUN, president of ARTURIA and ex Phelma student - Academic year 1996
2.45 pm: Graduation ceremony by study programmes and photos
5.45 pm: Photos of the cohort 2017
5.55 pm: Cocktail

Please note that your certificate will only delivered upon presentation of a proof of identity.

For security reasons, a verification of IDs and a control of handbags.

Date of update October 19, 2018

Grenoble INP Institut d'ingénierie Univ. Grenoble Alpes