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Our engineering & Master degrees

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English (Compulsory) - 3PMCANG9

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  • Number of hours

    • Tutorials : 26.0
    ECTS : 2.0


Our aim will be:

  • to improve oral/written comprehension and speaking skills through regular practice and student involvement in professionally relevant project work (group work, roleplay, etc.)
  • to enhance communication skills to convince others of the value of one's product or project
  • to master professional presentation tools (using adequately designed slides and posters) and to discuss findings using clear, accurate language and adequate register
  • to answer general or technical questions constructively, taking into account the specificity of once's audience
  • to further develop note-taking and oral/written reporting skills
  • to work as a team on small-group projects and to understand the value of sharing a joint technical and scientific background in a multicultural context
  • to develop group creativity and interpersonal skills through innovative projects
  • to monitor one's progress and develop personal improvement strategies for B2 level and beyond
Contact Veronique DUDLEY-BEGUIN


Aspects covered in class will include:

  • pronunciation, intonation, voice projection, body language, interaction with audience and adequate use of professional presentation tools and techniques (Impress™, PowerPoint™)
  • language work including: general and specialised vocabulary in context; use of appropriate tenses, comparatives, connectors and register in oral & written discourse
  • product description (development, dimensions, materials, specifications, uses, marketing, basic negotiation skills) and its presentation in a roleplay activity
  • note-taking and executive summary writing practice, based on popular science publications
  • student insights into the history of ideas and the development of technologies
  • creative linguistic group work through teacher-initatited projects


Minimum requirement: A2 level


The exam is given in english only 

Continuous assessment (70%) + Exam (30%)

N1 = CC (70%) + Examen (30%)
Seul l'examen peut faire l'objet d'un rattrapage

Additional Information

This course is given in english only EN

Curriculum->Common courses->Semester 1


Livret pédagogique interne propre à Phelma pour chacun des semestres. Ressources ciblées par l’équipe pédagogique en fonction des besoins des futurs ingénieurs en Physique, Electronique et Matériaux.

Pour la préparation à l'épreuve de certification B2:
Essential BULATS with Audio CD and CD-ROM - Cambridge ESOL (Author), Clark (Author)

L’anglais à Phelma, c'est aussi : une médiathèque anglophone riche en ouvrages et DVDs; des outils d'auto-apprentissage en ligne et à distance

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