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Our engineering & Master degrees

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Our engineering & Master degrees
Our engineering & Master degrees

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The second year of the Master MaNuEn is designed to cover materials issues in a nuclear environment from  fuels  to  structural materials of primary circuit components.

The content of the courses has been designed by Grenoble - INP and INSTN with the support of CEA and EDF, both partners of the master.

Semester 1

The first semester of the master starts mid september and ends in january.
All candidates must complete the following 4 common core courses (268h, 25 ECTS). These courses develop the fundamentals scientific aspect and specific issues of materials used  in nuclear reactor : from material selection and design to  irradiation damage and materials ageing.
Then, students build further skills by chosen between two optional courses (~90h, 5 ECTS):
  •  Option "Components" organised by EDF deals with operationnal feedback in PWR and structural materials for nuclear components,
  • Option "Fuels" organised by the CEA focuses on nuclear fuels (PWR, RNR and other reactor types).

Semester 2 : internship

Privileged contacts with engineers from EDF and CEA working departments  dedicated to  R&D studies on materials for nuclear applications could help students to define their professional project and broaden internship opportunities. 

Date of update January 31, 2012

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