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Nanostructures for optical and magnetic applications - 4PMTNSA2

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 10.0
    • Projects 0
    • Tutorials 10.0
    • Internship 0
    • Laboratory works 0


    ECTS 2.0


The course is focused on magnetic and spintronic phenomena giving the overview on the working principle of several classes of applications.

Contact Liliana PREJBEANU, Laurent MONTES


Basics of magnetic nanostrucures
Spintronic phenomena (GMR, TMR)
Magnetic field sensors
Magnetic recording (HDD)
Magnetic memories (MRAMs)
Spin transfer torque and new spintronic devices (STO, DW motion)
Medical application of magnetic nanoparticles (SPIONS


Basics of solid state physics, quantum physics and crystallograpy


Semester 8 - The exam is given in english only 

DS (2h): 1h (partie magnétisme) + 1h (partie optique)

100% exam écrit

Additional Information

Semester 8 - This course is given in english only EN

Course list
Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 8


Magnetic Domains A. Hubert, R. Schäfer (Springer, 1998)

Magnetism (vol. I Fundamentals, vol. II Materials and Applications) edited by E. du Trémontlet de Lacheisserier, D. Gignoux, M. Schlenker (Springer, 2004)

Magnetism and Magnetic Materials J.M.D. Coey (Cambridge University Press, 2010)