Micro-electronics and Nanotechnologies

Micro- and nanoelectronics : A vast program ! Micro- and nanotechnologies: vast programme! Grenoble INP – Phelma offers these subjects for various scientific and industrial fields: microelectronics, photonics, nanoscience, materials, health etc

Micro- & nanoelectronics


Welcome to the world of infinitely small things!

Fundamental physics (quantum computers, cyclotron radiation, carbon nanotubes etc.) or applied physics (µ-lasers, technology of storage devices, read heads and spintronics, RFID smart labels etc.).

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Innovative materials

The revolution in new nanoscale materials.

Developing new materials for aircraft wings, chips, telephone batteries, advanced functional materials for electronics, optics, nanomaterials, or biology: this is also the field of nanotechnologies.

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Micro- and nanotechnologies are also used in the fields of medicine and biology.

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