Phelma Formation 2022

Advanced VLSI design (SEISocS9-MT) - 5PMECCV7

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 18.0
    • Projects 0
    • Tutorials 0
    • Internship 0
    • Laboratory works 0


    ECTS 2.5


This lecture aims at introducing the required concepts of robustness and low power, as well as advanced VLSI design concepts.

Contact Lorena ANGHEL


The course will be oriented towards the following aspects:

  • Low power VLSI design techniques
  • DFM(Y) techniques: problems and solutions
  • Fault tolerant design (ECC codes, reconfigurations, etc.)


Digital VLSI design, Digital and system architectures


Written exam (2h) - DS

In the case of an eventual confinment, the DS will take the form of an online quiz (QCM), accompanied by an home assignment to be submitted by email.

Examen Ecrit : 100%

Additional Information

This course brings 1.5 ECTS to students in UE Advanced design 2 (3A-AP)

Course list
Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 9
Curriculum->Alternance MT->Semester 9