Phelma Formation 2022

English or other language - 5PMCANG0

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    • Tutorials 12.0
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    ECTS 2.0


The Third year English course consists of an 8 hour seminar and 4 electives ( 4 hours each)

The seminar enables students to simulate situations which they will encounter in their professional environment.

The electives are chosen from a panel of courses focusing on extremely varied themes : Cinema, Music, American politics, Business and communication, Environmental challenges, Multi-culturalism…

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The seminar addresses issues related to the corporate environment. The aim is to enable students to refine and practice professional competences:
Negotiating, managing a meeting, taking minutes, writing a report, giving feedback, appraising performance.

The electives will provide students with the opportunity to explore a field of expertise which may correspond either to a personal or a professional interest.


In the course of the seminar the students will be assessed by means of simulations, case studies and a short report.
Participation and individual involvement will also be taken into account.

Students will be asked to make a formal presentation at the end of the elective on a topic related to the content of the elective. They will be graded on this presentation and also on their ability to organize and manage group dynamics.



Semester 9 - The exam is given in english only 

During the seminar, students will be assessed through role playing tasks - an additional individual grade will be given for a short report based on the second year internship. Participation and personal input will also be evaluated.

Student assessment during the elective modules will be based on a formal presentation, group dynamics management and class participation.

Additional Information

This course brings 1.0 ECTS to students in UE Languages and economic, human

This course brings 3.0 ECTS to students in UE Cognitive Sciences: how? CNA S9

Semester 9 - This course is given in english only EN
Course list
Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 9
Curriculum->Double-Diploma Engineer/Master->Semester 9
Curriculum->Common courses->Semester 9
Curriculum->Apprentissage MEP->Semester 9
Curriculum->Semesters A Choice->Semester 9
Curriculum->Internationals Cursus->Semester 9


Des travaux de recherche correspondant à environ 6 heures de travail personnel seront programmés en début de formation. Cette préparation portera sur des ressources écrites et audios et fournira aux étudiants un premier aperçu du domaine choisi.