Phelma Formation 2022

Inno-Project I - 4PMHINP8

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    • Projects 30.0
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    ECTS 4.0


(i) Provide you some experience of project management in distant teams,
(ii) Use collaborative creation tools (in the present case a wiki to setup a rudimentary website), and
(iii) Write scientific reports for a general scientific audience.

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By the use of advanced materials for a given functional application is analyzed by small groups of
students, spread over the different universities offering the M1.
• Via four assignments, students will progressively build a wiki website which presents to a
general scientific non?specialized audience the results of their investigation (why, how).
• The students are supervised remotely by a teacher/Tutor belonging to one of the partner


basic material science knowledge


Each tutor evaluate its group based on the following 4 criteria:
1/ Content of the wiki
2/ Formal quality of the report
3/ Investment of the students as a group and non-transferable skills
4/ General assessment

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