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Integrated photonics simulation project (IPh-S9-PhSem-DD) - 5PMNSPI0

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The goal of this activity is to let students use a modern optical simulation software to make them aware of the difficulties and the pitfalls that may be present while using it.
This activity is strongly related to the integrated photonics course, as some of the devices discussed in the theoretical course or in the exercise sessions will be treated using the simulation software.

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  • Introduction to the Lumerical MODE solver.
  • Introduction to the EME (EigenMode Expansion) method.
  • Comparison between theoretical results obtained calculating waveguide modes with the effective index method during exercise sessions and calculation results obtained by Lumerical MODE Solutions.
  • Introduction of the available projects to be developed.
  • Definition of the groups of students and choice of the project.
  • Group work on the simulation of an optical component chosen by each group.


Theoretical course in integrated photonics


Every group must produce a 10-15 pages report one week after the last simulation session.
The report must present clearly the problem treated, a short theoretical explanation of the working principles of the component and the simulation results obtained.

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