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Our engineering & Master degrees
Our engineering & Master degrees

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The specialized course  "Components" is organised by a team of engineers from EDF R&D research center. It is mainly devoted to operational feedbacks of structural materials used in PWR reactors and to their durability in order to fulfill  requirements of existing nuclear plants, their replacement and the development of new technologies. Students follow a 2 weeks course given by engineers and researchers from EDF, with  1 week at  EDF R&D center follow courses. No extra fees are required for this unique in-site teaching.


Option Components course content ::

Specialized course EDF "components"
RPV and internals   32
Non destructive examination   7
Polymers   4
Internals   3
Welding and RPV   4
Reactor pressure vessel
Civil works
Corrosion and ageing   27.5
Fuel   15
Thermal ageing and fatigue   3.5
Corrosion and stress corrosion cracking   4
Maintenance ageing and  feedback   1.5

Waste management and fuel reprocessing
Visit   4

Date of update February 3, 2017

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