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Labwork : Molecular biology & Biochemistry - 4PMBLMB6

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    ECTS 3.0


The practicals are intended to illustrate the theoretical knowledge on DNA and proteins with biochemical experiments. They provide hands-on work with the basic techniques in molecular genetics and protein biochemistry.



The practicals are organized in 3 sessions during wich a gene and its corresponding protein are analyzed.

  • The DNA sessions are focused on
    • plasmid DNA purification using alcaline lysis
    • quantification of DNA
    • sequence-specific DNA amplification using PCR
    • restriction analysis
  • The Protein sessions are focused on
    • expression of a recombinant protein in E coli
    • protein purification using affinity chromatography
    • protein quantification (Bradford)
    • SDS PAGE analysis and Western blot
    • quantification using ELISA


Molecular Biology course, Semester 7 Biomedical Engineering


Semester 7 - The exam is given in english only 

Face-to-face SESSION1:
Type of assessment: Written report

Not session 2

session 1 Rapport de TP
session 2: pas de session 2

session1confiné: pas de TP; travail bibliographique
session2 confiné: travail bibliographique

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Semester 7 - This course is given in english only EN

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