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Magnetism - 4PMNMAG1

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This teaching module addresses a field particularly representative of the Physics and Nanosciences stream in which the link between fundamental physics and applications is essential. Magnetism is a discipline where quantum physics is necessary to understand everyday objects as varied as magnets, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic recording media. The mastery of the fabrication of magnetic nanostructures has opened up new fields of investigation, both fundamental and applied. Since the discovery in 1988 of the giant magnetoresistance effect, a new discipline has emerged: spintronics (spin-dependent electronic transport).

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The aim of the TD course is to present the various magnetic behaviours observed in matter and the main fields of application of magnetic materials.

1 - Modeling magnetic phenomena at the atomic scale
Since magnetism is due to the electrons in the atom, it is governed by quantum physics and statistical physics (to describe the properties of N atoms). The purpose of this chapter is to explain the different magnetic behaviours of matter. Particular emphasis will be placed on the comparison between theoretical predictions and measurements.
2 - Properties of ferromagnetic materials
The aim is to describe the properties of ferromagnetic materials and to understand how to calculate the field created by a material and the response of a material to an applied field.
3 - Applications
Permanent Magnets, Magnetic Recording, Spintronics, Magnetic Nanoparticles, Magnetism and Earth Sciences




Written exam (2h)
Handwritten double-sided summary sheet allowed, calculator allowed
Other prohibited handwritten documents and handouts

100% DS

Additional Information

Course list
Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 8


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Mathias Getzlaff
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