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Our engineering & Master degrees

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Our engineering & Master degrees
Our engineering & Master degrees

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MaNuEn/EMINE M2 : 2nd year

The second year is common to students following the MaNuEn program and the EMINE program. There are however some specificities related to each program (some courses at Grenoble Ecole de Management for the EMINE program).

The program content and courses were developed in collaboration with EDF and CEA engineers and engineers CEA and more than 50% of the courses are given by industrial people with a focus on industrial problems.

The second year takes place mainly at Grenoble INP. Grenoble INP is a public sector technology university with more than 5,300 students and 1,100 teaching and research fellows, admin and technical staff. More than 1,000 engineering degrees, 330 research masters and 170 doctorates are awarded each year, along with a hundred internal qualifications.

From September to November, courses are given at Grenoble INP. Specific courses are also given on site at the CEA Cadarache (3 weeks in December) and at the Material Ageing Institute (2 weeks in January at EDF Renardières). Finally, a 5-month minimum training period starts in February. 

Furthermore students organize a workshop event on energy with invited speakers and their own contribution : in 2016-2017 subject was nuclear and materials issues in energy mix : click here for 2017 conference

Date of update December 7, 2017

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