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Non linear optics - 5PMNONL1

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    ECTS 2.0


This specialty course aims to describe the phenomenology and modeling of nonlinear optics, including material aspects.

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Introduction and definitions: polarization, electric susceptibility, Maxwell's equations

Corpuscular aspects of: 3 and 4 photon interactions

Electrical susceptibility: wavelength dispersion, intrinsic symmetries, symmetries due to orientation symmetry

Tensor calculation of polarization: 1st and 2nd order polarizations

Recall of linear crystal optics: propagation equation, index surface, birefringence, double refraction, vector field configuration

Amplitude equations in nonlinear regime

Manley-Rowe relations

Out of phase, phase and quasi-phase tuning

Angular, spectral and thermal acceptances

Effects of spatial walk-off

Effective coefficient

The main frequency conversion interactions: second harmonic generation, third harmonic generation, parametric fluorescence, parametric amplification, parametric oscillation

The main nonlinear materials: comparison, applications

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laser physics


Session 1
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Distanciel: Devoir écrit à la maison (DM) de 2 h

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