Phelma Formation 2022

Physics + PHOG Practicals 2 - 4PMNTP20

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    ECTS 2.0


Realization of optical systems
Optical Measurement techniques
Laser safety
Practical illustration and extension of lessons

Contact Aurelien KUHN, Julien POETTE


3 lab sessions :

  • Laser modulation (4H): electrical and optical characteristics of semi-conductors lasers, direct modulation technique and its consequences. Optical power measurements, current and temperature regulation, spectral analysis (both electrical and optical).
  • EDFA (8H): laser and amplifier chararterization, degradation due to optical signal amplification, how to use and configure an optical spectral analyser.
  • Nd:YAG laser (8h): Laser safety, solid laser design, optical cavity tuning, dynamic regime of lasers, pulsed behaviour, 2nd harmonic generation.


Laser Physics lessons


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Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 8