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Reactor design - WPMURDE0

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    ECTS 0.5


In this course, each chapter is followed by a group project. With some technical help and communication advice from the teacher, each group has to understand (fully or half of) a scientific article (from a journal or a conference) dealing with some design studies or issues of an existing or paper nuclear reactor.
Since articles which complete each other are chosen, all different aspects about this (often innovative) nuclear reactor type are thus finally studied by the entire class and a consistent "student conference" can be given on the subject at the end by all groups, as an evaluation.

• Efficient reading of scientific papers
• Linking theoretical knowledge to actual research
• Presenting results under a clear and consistent form

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Course is decomposed into 4 big parts (in september-october)
Chapter 1 : design principles, attempt of classification
Chapter 2 : water-moderated reactors (PWR, CANDU, ...)
Chapter 3 : graphite-moderated reactors (RBMK, GTR, HTR, ...)
Chapter 4 : fast systems (GFR, SFR) and even more exotic/innovative ones

You can find on this web page :
all the student works performed and presented in conference the previous years.
8hours home work


This project is conceived to improve your knowledge in fundamentals of nuclear reactor design, as taught in these four chapters studied in class :

1) reactor physics fundamentals and classification attempt
2) water-moderated reactors
3) graphite-moderated reactors
4) reactors with reduced moderation,
by working on recent and accessible research articles. Some recent project examples : KRUSTY and JANUS : small reactors for space electric propulsion, Study of D2O/H2O-cooled thorium-fueled PWR-like SMR cores, Autonomous Reactivity Control for Fast Reactor Safety, Neutronic and Thermal-Hydraulic Analyses of Hydride-Fueled PWR Cores, Simulation Studies of Small Modular Reactors for both uranium and thorium fuel cycles, ...


Semester 9 - The exam is given in english only 

Project (prepared in class along with lectures), with presentations (in 2 public sessions of 2h each), abstracts and Questions & Answers

Grade is a function of oral preparation, summary and quality of answer to question

Additional Information

Semester 9 - This course is given in english only EN

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Nuclear Reactor Analysis, Duderstadt & Hamilton, Wiley, 1976
Introduction to Nuclear Engineering, Lamarsh, Prentice Hall, 2001
Nuclear Reactor Systems, GA Nuclear Engineering Series, edp sciences, 2016