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Our engineering & Master degrees
Our engineering & Master degrees

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Reactor physics and Nuclear Engineering - Overview and Career Opportunities

Skills and Abilities
This was the first French program devoted to reactor cores and provides students with the necessary skills for dealing with nuclear energy production systems, modeling and simulation of related coupled-core systems and for understanding neutron science, thermal hydraulics and nuclear instrumentation.  The program also covers issues of safety, risk management and project management.

Career Options
Engineers graduating with this program are most often employed in the following positions:
  • Research and development engineer in the nuclear power industry
  • Project manager in said industry
  • Operations engineer in energy production centers
  • Safety engineer in institutions dealing with nuclear safety
  • Researcher in an academic laboratory
  • Engineer for the decommissioning of nuclear plants
Associated Companies
The major companies in the nuclear power industry and the nuclear safety authorities associated with the course are EDF, Cogema, Areva, Technicatome, IRSN and Andra.

Date of update July 20, 2009

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