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Second Modern language - LV2 - 4PMCL245

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Second language classes at Phelma are organized by the Lansad, Grenoble University's language center on the main campus at St Martin d'Hères. These classes are given in 16 different languages, taking place either at the Maison des Langues or at Phelma Polygone. The language teaching method focuses on the " basic skills, language production, both written and oral, and interaction.
This approach is based on balancing the three fundamental poles of language learning : giving both a linguistic and a cultural approach to language learning, and teaching the students strategies to communicate and learn.

The practical means,
For each language, the classes are 24 hours per semester, 2 hours a week.

Differential learning- level-based classes

For new-coming students, beginners aside, students have to take a computer or paper-based entry level exam and are then placed in the corresponding level for their classes. There are 6 levels at Lansad, according to the CEFRL guidelines at the European level:

A1 : Breakthrough / A2 : Waystage
B1 : Threshold / B2 : Vantage
C1 : Effective Operational Proficiency / C2 Mastery

Offers for language classes include:

German, English, Arab, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Sapnish, Modern Greek, Italian, Japanese, Dutsch, Portugese, Russian, Romanian, Czech.


LANSAD's pedagogical approach in language learning focuses in developping the following CEFRL skills: written and oral production and understanding. Their classes offer an overview of the culture(s) that surround the language whilst enabling a thorough mastery of the liguistic structures and vocabulary to better communicate.


Beginners aside, you need to have acquired the required skills in the language previous to your entry at a certain level. In order to better assess your entry level in your second language, you will need to take a placement test.


This course is on the basis of continuous assessment which includes particpation, oral presentations and exams ( including the final exam evaluation testing both oral and written acquired skills).
No make-up exam can be taken for LV2 classes.

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Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 8
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