Phelma Formation 2022

Software development project - 4PMSPJI9

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 0
    • Projects 16.0
    • Tutorials 0
    • Internship 0
    • Laboratory works 8.0


    ECTS 4.5


This project aims at setting the students in a real software project development situation, insisting on collaborative software development techniques and software project management.
Working in teams of 2, students take care of realisation and packaging of a software starting from the specifications.
This project is of utmost importance as it allows for acute perception of basic problems, both technical and human, that arise in every software development project. The chosen language is C.

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In a first step, students write down software requirements from the expected final software description. They also sketch a schedule, describe the tests they will perform and assign work between team members. In a second step, they proceed with actual software coding, debugging and testing. The final mark account for both a software architecture description and documentation and a demonstration



  • detailed design report
  • final report
  • final technical demonstration of the software

S1 = note contrôle continu
S2 = 75 % note session 1 + 25 % note épreuve rattrapage

Additional Information

Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 7