Phelma Formation 2022

Student Project (SICOM S8) - 4PMSPJC9

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 4.0
    • Projects 43.0
    • Tutorials 0
    • Internship 0
    • Laboratory works 0


    ECTS 3.5


  • The goal is to design and implement, in groups of 4 students, complete electronic systems whose specifications are provided in late December by a project tutor.
  • The topics covered are related to signal processing in a broad sense (sound, images or signals from various sensors), with analog or digital signals.
  • Topics are updated annually.
Contact Vincent FRISTOT


  • The Phelma's electronic lab has all the tools needed to design and study of electronic systems (simulation, programming micro-controllers, FPGA development).
  • Teachers supervise students' work during the project sessions and regular contacts are expected with the tutor who proposed the project.



Pre-project report in March
Presentation jury + final written report in May

Additional Information

Course list
Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 8