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Surfaces and interfaces - 4PMFCCM2

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This course offers an overview of the physical chemistry of surfaces in a broad sense. All the possible interfaces between the three states of matter -solid, liquid and gas- are addressed to various degrees of details.

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A) Liquids and their interfaces: i) A Quiescent Interface? ii)
Thermodynamics of Liquid Interfaces iii) Orientation at Interfaces iv) The
spreading of one liquid on another
B) Surfaces of solids: i) A Quiescent Surface! ii) Description of surfaces iii)
Thermodynamics of Crystals iv) Surface crystallography
C) Surface tension measurement methods : i) Wilhelmy plate ii) Du Nouy ring iii) Bubble pressure
D) The solid-gas interface: i) Types of adsorption process ii)The Adsorption
Time iii) The Langmuir Adsorption Isotherm iv)The BET and Related
E) The solid-liquid interface




Semester 7 - The exam is given in english only 

2 hours exam

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In case of lockdown or remote teaching, the evaluation will be made through a multiple choice test

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Semester 7 - This course is given in english only EN

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