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Electrochemistry labwork - 4PMPTPE7

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    ECTS 1.5


Practical application of electrochemical methods through 4 practical exercises: stationary I (E) curves, chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry, cyclic volamerometry (CV), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
Determination of kinetic quantities and transport properties of electroactive species

Contact Renaud BOUCHET


4 practical exercises are set up at the electrochemistry platform with high level equipment:

  • Practical work on the ohmic drop and its impact on the determination of kinetic quantities, methods to correct it
  • Practical work on the determination of kinetic quantities by coupling different electrochemical methods (pseudo-stationary CV on EDT, EIS)
  • TP on the determination of the diffusion coefficient by coupling different electrochemical methods (Chronoamperometry (ring disc, microelectrode), non-stationary CV and pseudo-stationary CV on EDT, EIS)
    -Practical work on the impedance of linear vs. non-linear systems


Electrochemical kinetics
electrochemical methods


Continuous assessment
CR report in the form of an article combining the 4 TP.

Contrôle Continu : 50%, rapport 50%

Additional Information

This course brings 0.5 ECTS to students in UE Energy and Processes

Course list
Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 8
Curriculum->Apprentissage MEP->Semester 8
Curriculum->Master->Semester 8