Information technology

Master the data science central to the digital revolution

Depending on the engineering course taken, students learn to master digital technology, artificial intelligence, image and signal processing, machine learning or deep learning, telecommunications, IT and networks, embedded software and the Internet of Things.
Digital communications / Multimedia / Image and signal processing

seoc 400x400 Data processing (MP3, JPEG, divX, geolocation by satellite) of natural or artificially created signals (signals from the sea bed or volcanoes, images, speech, biomedical, telemedicine etc.).

Engineering courses:
Networks, clouds, telecommunications
To imagine the new communications technology (broadband, reliability, security, energy cost etc.), define new network protocols and reduce the carbon footprint of information systems.

Engineering courses
Embedded software

To specify, design and produce the embedded software central to modern equipment, from latest-generation smartphones to the future smart vehicles.

Engineering courses

Systèmes Embarqués et Objets Connectés (SEOC)