Sustainable development

Certain courses at Grenoble INP – Phelma offer lessons directly linked to the environment and sustainable development.. The subjects covered include alternative energies, eco-processes, waste treatment, analysis of the environment and energy management and economics.

Alternative energies

Produce energy : new materials and processes toproduce cheaper and more efficient photovoltaic cells.

Engineering courses

Store energy : hydrogen fuel cells and new batteries to store energy

Eco-processes : to limit the impact of industrial production processes

Ecodesign, alternative and innovative processes for processing/reprocessing, recycling and recovery of waste.

Electronics and information technology supporting the environment.

Energy efficiency, generation, supply and smart consumption of energy resources, are also challenges for the microelectronics, data processing, telecommunications and networks sectors: green electronics, but also smart electricity meters, smart grids, start-stop systems, electric vehicles etc.

Energy management for components and high-tech devices

Engineering courses

Analysis of natural signals and the environment

Engineering courses