Phelma Formation 2022

Core Curriculum: Electronic Design - 3PMKPEL6

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    • Tutorials 16.0
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    ECTS 1.5


  • Propose an approach to design and implementation in the field of electronic
  • Practical application of course analog and digital electronics
  • Introduction to Project Management
Contact Nicolas RUTY, Fanny POINSOTTE


Introduction to the concept of the project and the basic tools of project management (planning timelines, budget, risk management, project steering)

Analysis specifications
Test solutions on test plate
Using CAD software for the simulation and design of a printed circuit board (PCB: Printed Circuit Board)
Wiring and testing of the final realization

6 sessions of 4 hours at a rate of one every 15 days to allow the preparation of meetings and personal work



Interim report (10%)
Final report (40%)
Evaluation of the work in plenary and final realization (50%)

1ère Session:
Rapport final: Fiches de Mesures (50%)
Évaluation du travail en séance et de la réalisation finale (50%)

2ème Session: pas de 2ème session possible

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Curriculum->1Y Core Curriculum->Semester 5
Curriculum->Common courses->Semester 5


T. Gidel et W. Zonghero, Management de projet 1, introduction et fondamentaux, Hermès Lavoisier, 2006