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Data challenge - VPMDDCH1

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    ECTS 4.0


The objective of this course is to answer an open scientific or technological question with the tools studied during the track M1 -- DALETh .

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A researcher or engineer from a laboratory or public/private company will supply an open scientific or technological question in the domain of experimental data. Most often, the question does not yet have an answer, and the students will work on this open problem in group during a two-week hackathon.

The class will have a final leader board evaluating the different solutions, part of the grade will be based on this leader board to motivate the groups through its competitive character.


track M1 -- DALETh


Semester 8 - The exam is given in english only 

all the following are based on a one-per-group level

  • PRES an oral presentation that summarises the problem, the (technical) solution and the results
  • REP a written group report that exposes the problem, the workflow, and a discussion of the proposed solution with its results
  • RANK leader board or technical achievement either attributes a grade based on partial objectives or on the final rank in a leader board sorted by score

N1 = 50%PRES + 30%REP1 + 20%RANK
N2 = 50%PRES + 50%REP2

Additional Information

Semester 8 - This course is given in english only EN

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Jari Porras et al. "Code camps and hackathons in education -- literature review and lessons learned," Proc. of the 52nd Hawaii international Conference on Systems Science, 2019. Available from