Phelma Formation 2022

Materials science for thin film - 4PMMTP44

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    ECTS 1.5


Microelectronic systems are constituted of the accumulation of processed thin films. This course presents the relations between processes, microstructures and properties of these thin films.

Contact Fabien VOLPI


Basic notions on thin film elaborations :
-Introduction to relation between processes / microstructures / properties
-Impact of physical, chemical or thermodynamic parameters on elaboration mechanisms
-Link between experimental parameters and the elaborated film
-Mechanics of thin films
Microstructural evolution of thin films (voids, hillocks, wiskers,…)
Stress and semiconductor processing



Semester 8 - The exam may be taken in french or in english FR EN

On-site : Written exam (2h)/ Lecture documents and calculator allowed.

Remote : Written exam (2h+30 min for remote organisation)/ Lecture documents and calculator allowed / Subject downloaded on Chamilo - Exam supervised from your webcam through Zoom interface - Written sheets scanned and uploaded on the Chamilo folder "Travaux". In case of technical problem it can be sent by an other service.

Examen écrit 100%

Additional Information

This course brings 1.5 ECTS to students in UE 7 Applied Materials S8

This course brings 2.0 ECTS to students in UE Fundamentals of mat. science III

This course brings 1.0 ECTS to students in UE Materials and Processes

This course brings 2.0 ECTS to students in UE Modelling tools and applications

Semester 8 - This course may be followed in french or in english  
Course list
Curriculum->Engineering degree->Semester 8
Curriculum->Apprentissage MEP->Semester 8
Curriculum->Internationals Cursus->Semester 8