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En synergie avec le monde industriel
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En synergie avec le monde industriel

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Phelma students integration Survey and "Engineering or Masters students" Internship impacts in 2016-2017

To learn more about the employability of Phelma graduates Master's degrees, we ask that you please answer questions. We will use your personal email address to contact you in 6, 18 and 30 months.Thank you for your contribution.


First name:

Name of the Master's degree:

Name of the engineering degree, field:

Personal E-mail:

Grenoble INP proposes through Alumni association, a free permanent e-mail address to keep in touch with Phelma. To create it, go on the website. This address can be cancelled whenever you want.


Professionnel project

Continuation of studies:

If yes:

Financial support:

If yes:

Professional Activity

Name of the company:



Type of contract:

Annual salary:

Other situation

Following the internship you have just completed, this form will let you give us your appreciation concerning the conditions of supervision and the missions given to you within the host establishment that welcomed you. It also allows you to evaluate your action in a professional environment during this course.

Name of the host establishment:

Name of the supervisor’s host establishment:


The missions that have been entrusted

Your missions were related to your training:
The missions carried out were those initially defined

You have put your knowledge and skills into practice:

You have managed your time and organized your work:

You have been able to bring new ideas, solutions:



The conditions of the internship

Your tutor took his time to present you the functioning of the structure and the team?

Your tutor helped you and advised you when it was necessary?

You have the sufficient means to carry out your mission?

You were autonomous during your missions?

Your work has been recognized by your host establishment?



Internal and external relationships

You have been integrated into the host establishment?

You had the opportunity to attend meetings?

You regularly worked within a team?

You do not hesitate to ask questions, ask for help?

You had the opportunity to be in relation with external persons (public, customers, suppliers, partners,...)?



Valorisation and contributions of the internship

You consider this internship as a positive experience?

You feel better about the world of work?

This internship had an influence on your professional project?

You have a better knowledge of your skills?

You are able to value this internship in your future job searches?


What skills did you gain or improve during this course?

Further comments regarding this internship:

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mise à jour le 6 septembre 2017

Université Grenoble Alpes