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Diversité scientifique et technologique
L'école d'ingénieurs de physique, électronique, matériaux
Diversité scientifique et technologique

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Study programme

Click on the year or pathway of your choice to discover the various training components, with a description of the programme and ECTS credits available.

1st year: Core course
From September to June
Optional business internship
2nd year: Core course
From September to June
Compulsory business internship (minimum 6 weeks)

3rd year: Core course with two options

"Traditional" stream
"Project and Quality Management" stream

2 optional pathways
From September to February
Final year project (5 months in business or research laboratory)
Microelectronics pathwaySignalling and Communications pathway
Devices & MicrosystemsCircuitsSystems on ChipsOptoelectronics & Radiofrequencies 
Information processing systems
Coding Multimedia Communications

Date of update February 25, 2008

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