Phelma Formation 2022

Fracture mechanics - WPMUFME4

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    • CM 8.0
    • Projet 6.0
    • TD 8.0
    • TP 8.0

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    Crédits ECTS 1.0


Calculate the lifetime extension of pressure vessels using simple empirical formula and determine the assumption made and their consequences

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Multi axial loading, triaxiality of stresses
Plain stress, plane strain
Non-linear fracture mechanics (basic linear elastic fracture mechanics will be given in module P1)
Introduction to experimental fracture mechanics (tests – visual fractography -)
Microstructural aspects of fracture (brittle, ductile, transgranular, intergranular, inclusions), SEM investigations
Local approach to fracture
Modelling of ductile fracture (Tutorials) - Types of corrosion


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Semestre 5 - L'examen existe uniquement en anglais 

written exam
oral presentation on practicals

final mark = 0.66 (written exam) + 0.33 (oral presentation)

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