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Notions de base sur les matériaux - WPMUFMS4

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    Crédits ECTS 1.5


The objective is to introduce basic knowledge of Materials Science, required to understand materials behaviour in Nuclear Plants

After completion of this course the student should be able to :

*Calculate normal and shear components on a given plane knowing the stress /strain matrix.
*Conduct experimentally basics mechanics test and analyse the results
*Distinguish the different phase of a microstructure and relate them to phase diagram
*Utilize the different diagram to propose for metallurgical heat treatments
*Be able to investigate creep design in nuclear plant using Ashby maps

Contact Annie ANTONI, Luc SALVO, Emilie FERRIE


The course is divided into two main parts:
*Microstructure of alloys and their specificities
*Materials mechanical behaviour

During all the lectures, stress will be put on the interaction between microstructures and mechanical properties. And the bases of corrosion and electrochemistry will be introduced.
*Alloy microstructures and their specificities
*#Introduction to phase diagrams: definition, binary phase diagrams, introduction to ternary phase diagrams
*#Defects: vacancies and interstitials, screws and edge dislocations and grain boundaries
*#Diffusion mechanisms and diffusion equations
*#Phase transformations: driving forces, liquid and solid phase transformations, TTT-TRC curves
*#Microstructures: basic of crystallography (texture)
*#Recovery and recrystallization

Tutorials: Observations and characterisation techniques (TEM, SEM…), applications to selected materials

*Materials mechanical behaviour

*#Plastic deformation: dislocations mechanisms, hardening mechanisms (Schmidt law)
*#Basics of continuum mechanics (stress, strain), introduction to finite element method
*#Creep of metals and alloys: mechanisms and constitutive equations
*#Fracture: brittle fracture, fracture toughness, K1c
*#Mechanical fatigue



Contrôle des connaissances

Semestre 9 - L'examen existe uniquement en anglais 

written exam : 2 hours
oral on practical

final mark = Written exam (2h) + report on labs(2/3 + 1/3)

Informations complémentaires

Semestre 9 - Le cours est donné uniquement en anglais EN

Cursus ingénieur->Cursus Internationaux->Semestre 9


M. Ashby, D. Jones: Matériaux, Volumes 1 et 2, Dunod (English edition: Pergamon Press)
G.E. Dieter - Physical metallurgy , ISBN-10 : 0070168911
Thermocalc documentation on line