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General approach to energy + Energy workshop - WPMUGAE4

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1 - compare the different sources of energy in terms of efficiency and conversion losses
2 - distinguish advantage and drawbacks various energy sources
3 - evaluate quantitatively if renewable can replace other energy sources
4 – criticize energetic a given scenario

General view of the energy problems around the world

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1. The physics of energy
The units, the First and the Second Principles, the various forms of energy, their equivalences and their differences. The thermodynamical efficiency and the conversion losses.
2. Petrol
History, transformation and resources. Petrol utilization. The evolution of the cost of petrol.
3. Natural gas
Specificity, price evolution and resources
4. Coal
The coal history, its uses, its recent production increase. Its “black face”. Coal resources
5. The global warming problem and the debates
The effect of CO2 on climate, other reasons for global warming? How to decrease emissions. Should we “decrease”? Can we substitute CO2 emitting energy sources with other forms?
6. The renewable energy (RES)
The European politics. Estimates of the cost of RES. Can RES replace other sources?
7. Transports and domestic uses
Can electricity replace oil in transports? Is electricity inefficient for domestic uses?


Elementary physics, some culture and interest in economy, prospective and geopolitics.

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