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Radio Frequency IDentification Technologies (UGA) - WPMWRFI7

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This teaching module allows understanding the problematic of the integration of sensors in RFID systems : use and implementation of a UHF RFID system; Realization of a RFID system from basic electronic bricks; Design and characterization of a RFID tag.

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Introduction, history and use case of the RFID technology; Basics of RFID; RF concepts of UHF RFID : Radar cross section, backscattering wave, load modulation; UHF RFID reader : modulation, transceiver, smart antenna; UHF RFID tag : design, energy harvesting, sensor; UHF RFID protocol : communication protocol between the reader and the tag; The future of RFID.


Basics in RF

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WE=Written Exam
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