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Reactor Design - WPMURED4

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Reactors principles and orders of magnitude. General constraints.
Presentation of the major classes of reactors and the different requirements on materials
Design a “reactor concept” knowing the various ingredients : fuel, coolant and moderator

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1. Main functions of a nuclear reactor

  • Principles of operation
  • First description of each main function in the order of importance from the nuclear point of view
    • fuel, moderator
    • coolant
    • structures
    2. Attempt of classification in terms of coolant, then in terms of moderator
  • First most constraining choice is the coolant selected by its capacity to evacuate heat
  • Constraints in terms of neutronics (absorption, moderation) and thermohydraulics
  • 3 major families: water, gas and metal (each family defines a set of common constraints)
  • Then the moderator can be chosen, with less constraints but subordinated to the coolant ones. This leads to 5 major types of reactors, identified in as PWR/BWR, PHWR (CANDU), RBMK, UNGG and He/Na/Pb fast reactors
    3. Description of specific reactors in terms of constraints for materials
  • About 12 operating reactors to describe


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